OK, so by now you have setup all your necessary masters from the Admin section and your salon is taking shape nicely.

The next step for you is to start taking daily client registration from your Kiosk App and manage and serve those clients from “Today’s Walk Ins” page from your member area.

To check out how to setup your Client Registration Kiosk App, please check out this section…

From the Reception Desk computer, please login to your member’s area on Barbers-Q system. By default, “Today’s Walk-In” page will be loaded.

OK, your client has come in and registered. As soon as he/she registers, the name, preferred stylist, service selected and their Queue No. will be displayed on the “Today’s Walk-In” page in real time. The list will also show status of each client in the queue i.e. “In Queue”, “Serving” or “Served”.


Prev & Next

By default the list will show current date list. If you wish to view the list of some other day, you can browse it by clicking the “Prev” or the “Next” buttons at the top of the list.


Click on the date button from the top menu to drop down calendar to select a particular date to display the list.


Click on “Today” button to load current date list.

Client Search

If you wish to search a client to view his/her card, click on “Client Search” button. To find out more about Client Search section, click on this link…

Actions Menus

Once the client names appear on “Walk-In” list, you can call them out one by one for service as per their queue no. or as per the availability of the selected stylist. To call out a client, click on actions-menu (Actions) drop down menu from the client row and click on “Serve” menu.



Once the “Serve” menu is clicked, the client’s status will change from “In Queue” to “Serving” and also the “Serve” menu will disappear once client is called for service.


You can also check out details about the client by clicking on the “Details” menu.


The window header will show the status of the visit i.e. Open (if client is in queue or being served) or Close if client is served and paid his/her dues.

The Visit Details tab will show details about current visit, i.e. services selected if any, stylist selected if any, duration, name, phone, email etc. You can also add a comment to the visit.

The History tab will show list of all the past visits by the client.

The Add to CRM/CRM Details tab will allow you to add/edit the client’s detail CRM. Once the client is added into the CRM, his details can be searched from entire system. If client detail is not added into the CRM, his details will be stored in a temporary data table.

Once the client is served and ready to pay, click on “Add To Sale” tab to go to the POS page and complete the sale transaction. To find out more about how to use Point of Sales feature, please check out this section…

Once the sale transaction of the client is completed, his status will change from “Serving” to “Served” and his/her name will appear at the bottom of the Walk In list.