OK, so you have served your client and now he/she is ready to pay for it. There are two ways you can add a client to sale;

From the Walk-In List

If the client name is present in the Walk-In list, click on the “Details” action menu and then click on “Add to Sale” menu from the top right corner and the Point of Sales page will appear with all the transactions listed as below;


As you can see from the above image, the name of the client and the sale transaction for the service he has selected are already listed in the cash register.

You can add more services or product, gift voucher or package purchased by the client in the same sale session.

Click on “Add Items” drop down menu and click on respective menu to add an item;



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Directly from POS page

The another way of adding a client in the point of sale transaction is to launch the POS page and click on “Add Client” button on that page. For example the client name is not present in the Walk-In list but you want to create a sale transaction for him, so how would you do it?


Once you click on the “Add Client” button from the bottom, “Add Client to Sale” panel will open. If the client name is present in the walk-in list, you can drop down the list and select it. Alternatively, you can search the client by first name, last name, phone no. Enter the search criteria and click on “Search” button and the process will fill up all the client name found in the “Client List” drop down box. Select the client you with to add to sale and click on “Add” button and the name will appear in the sale transaction list.

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Remove Client Name from the Sale Transaction

If you wish to remove a client (along with all the items added for him) from the sale transaction, click on the “X” icon before the client name and that will remove the client from the sale transaction.