Before you add any service items to any Sale transaction in the cash register, you must add a client into the sale transaction. Please check out this article to find out how to add client to sale…

Once the client is added, you can click on the “Add Items” menu to add new service in the sale transaction.


Add Service to Sale

Click on the “Add Items” drop down menu and then click on “Services” menu to display the panel. Enter following details.

“Stylist “: – Select the stylist who performed the service or doing the sale transaction.

“Category” : – Select service category.

“Service” : – Select the service to add into the sale transaction.

“Retail Price” : – The system will show service retail price in bold letters.

“Discount Type” : – If you wish to offer a discount for the service offered, select a discount from the drop down list.

‘Discount”: – The system will fill in the discount figure from database.

“Final Cost” : – Retail Price – Discount if any applied

Click on “Save” button to add service to the sale transaction.