Before you add any product items to any sale transaction in the cash register, you must add a client into the sale transaction. Please check out this article to find out how to add client to sale…

Once the client is added, click on the “Add Items” menu and then “Products” menu to add new product in the sale transaction.


Add Product to Sale

“Sole By” : – Select a stylist from the drop down who has sold the product.

“Brand” : – Select a brand from the drop down list.

“Product” : – Select a product from the drop down list.

“Retail Price” : – The system will automatically fetch retail price from the database and show it here.

“Quantity” : – Enter no. of items sold

“Discount Type” : – If you wish to offer the product at discounted rate, please select a discount type.

“Discount” : – Discount amount will be displayed automatically here.

“Final Cost” : – Total Retail Price – Discount if any