Barbers-Q system allows you to generate gift/package vouchers as a part of customer loyalty programs. The client can redeem these gift/package voucher on next visit.

To redeem the gift/package voucher, the client must carry their voucher issued at the time of purchase which will have the Voucher ID# listed on it.

To redeem the voucher, first step is to add client to the cash register and create sale transaction. Once the sale transaction is created, click on “Receive Payment” window where you can select either “Gift Voucher” or “Package” as a payment method to redeem valid gift/package vouchers. As soon as you select “Gift/Package” voucher from the payment method, you will receive a pop up window to search the Voucher by ID as follows;


As you can see the above example, a Gift voucher was used to a client (“Walk In”) with voucher no. 1000 having $50 retail price. The search function pulls information of the voucher and it shows $40 as remaining value on the same voucher. If the voucher is valid, you can click on “Select” button and the payment method will accept “Gift/Package” voucher as a valid method and also fill in the amount in the text box. You can now complete the payment by clicking on “Finish Sale” button.

If you wish to check out how many gift/package vouchers are purchased by a client and how much balance each voucher has, you can search the client from the Today’s Walk-In page and then click on the client name to load it’s card where all the details of gift/package vouchers will be presented.