Barbers-Q Point of Sales system allows you to generate refund for service, product, voucher or package sold in the past.

The process of generating refund is similar to creating a sale transaction. Go to “POS” page and on the “Sale / Refund” tab on Cash Register, you will find 2 options i.e. “Sale” and “Refund“. By default, “Sale” option is selected. Select “Refund” option and then you can add client¬†from CRM or walk in, add items i.e. service, product, voucher or package for which refund is to be generated.


Once you have added all the services, products or other items for refund, click on “Refund Payment” button to initiate the payment. The payment process is similar to sale payment process. Select appropriate payment method, enter refund amount and click on “Finish Refund” button.

The refund transactions will be listed on the “Transaction List” tab with negative figure. Please check out “Transaction List” section for more details.