Before you setup your stylist list, you must setup roster types and roster rate types.

To setup roster type, click on “Admin” >> “Roster Master” menu and follow the page.

Roster Types


Click on “New” button to add new Roster Type.

Enter the name of roster type, select duration for it and choose display color and click “Save” button to add new roster type.

Roster types can be used while setting up the roster for each stylist.

To modify existing roster type, select the “Edit” action icon and follow the “Roster Type Details” window.

Roster Rate Types

The next step is to add roster rate types for each roster type added as above. Select a “Roster Type” from the list to load its roster rate types on the right hand table.


Click on “New” button to add new roster rate type for selected roster type.

Now your Roster Master is ready. You can now proceed to setting up the roster.