Before you can accept client registration, you must setup stylist roster.

To setup stylist roster, click on “Roster” menu and follow the page as follows;


By default, all the stylist, added in the master, will be listed in the first column with the roster details (if scheduled any) for each of them in the current week.

Click on “Prev” or “Next” buttons to move the calendar by week.

Click on the “Week Date Rage” button to select a particular week from the drop down date calendar.

Click on “This Week” button to load current week roster schedule.

Click on “+” icon next to the name of stylist to add new roster in the selected week.


Roster Item Details

By default, the name of the stylist is selected in the stylist drop down box.

“Roster Type” : – Select roster type to be applicable to the stylist.

“Services Available” : – Select the services from the drop down list which can be offered by the selected stylist.

“Roster Rate Type” : – select the roster rate which is applicable to the selected stylist for this roster.

“Roster Timing” : – select roster timing.

“Roster Days” : – Select the days for which the roster item(s) of selected stylist will be added. If you are editing the roster item, you can check/un-check selected days from the list to update the roster.

Click on “Save” button to save the roster item.

Once the roster item is added, the calendar will show the roster timing along with roster type name for each roster day.

To edit roster item for selected day, click on the rostered item rostered-item to load the details in the “Roster Item Details” panel.

Repeat Selected

To repeat already created roster schedule for each stylist to future week(s), click on the “Check Box” before the name of the stylist and click on “Repeat Selected” button and follow the window as follows;


Select weeks from the drop down list and click on “Save” button to repeat current week roster schedule to next selected week(s). The process will overwrite any scheduled roster found during the selected week duration with current week schedule.

Clear Selected


To clear roster schedule for the selected stylist, click on the “Clear Selected” button and then select either of the above option from the drop down list.

Now your roster is ready, you can proceed to the client registration.