Your Barbers-Q salon account is ready.

Let’s get started with Client Registration, Walk Ins call out process and POS.

Now that you have setup all your services and other masters, this article will give you step by step guide to register a client, call out the client from the queue to serve and then putting them through the point of sale.

To register a client, you must need an android tablet device to download and install the Barbers-Q client registration app. Follow are the minimum requirements for the android device;

  • Android v4.4 OS
  • 10″ or higher screen size
  • good Wifi connection with broadband internet

From the android device, login to your Barbers-Q member account and then click on your “User Name” from the top right corner to drop down a menu and then click on “Download App” menu to download and install the android app. To be able to download the android app from Barbers-Q website, you must switch on the following item from the device setup screen;

Settings >> Security >> Device Administration >> Unknown Sources (checkbox must be checked)

Once the app is installed, launch and login into the app using the same credential which you use to login to the web application. Upon successful login, you will be presented with the list of client currently registered along with client registration form with on-screen keyboard on the right site of the screen. It it recommended that you mount the android device on a wall or a desk to be used a as client registration kiosk.

Alternatively, you can also use the “Client Registration” page on the web application to register new clients.

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So now you have setup your Client Registration and have registered clients, it is time to call out each client from the queue for service.

Click on “Today’s Walk-In” menu and follow the page.


As soon as the client is registered from the android app installed on the device, the registration information will appear on the “Today’s Walk-In” list in real time.

The list will show the name of the client, stylist selected, services selected, their queue no. and the status.

To call out a client for service, click on the action icon to drop down menu and select “Serve” menu as follows;


As soon as “Serve” menu is clicked, the status of the client will change from “In Queue” to “Serving” and he/she will be removed from the queue.

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