Once the client is served, the next step is to put him/her through the point of sale and complete the sale transaction.

From the “Today’s Walk-In” page, Click on the action icon from the client row to drop down menu and select “Details” and follow the pop up window.


When the client has not paid, the window header will show “(OPEN)” status in it.

Click on the “Add to Sale” toolbar from the top menu to launch the cash register page.


By default, the cash register will display the name of the client and all the services including pricing if any selected by the client while registering the name from the app.

To add new service or product to the sale transaction, click on the “Add Items” menu and then click appropriate menu item.

Select appropriate item from the “Add Item” window and click on “Save” button to add the item in the transaction.

Once all the services and products are added to the sale transaction, click on “Receive Payment” button to finish the sale.


You can use multiple payment method to complete the sale. Click on “Finish Sale” button to complete the sale transaction.

OK, so client has paid! The client registration will turn grey with “Served” status to indicate that it has been paid for.

For more information on the Cash Register and other POS functions, please read this article…